Already employed by more than 40 banks in three countries, our technology will take your bank's customer service to a completely high new level. Our platform will reduce the cost of SMS alerts by 20 times and the level of fraud by five times.


We are trying to make our bank as easy and convenient for a customer as possible. My Account application developed by TIM-Connect is equal to mobile bank in terms of security, and is based on PUSH technology which is several times faster than SMS notifications.

Mikhail Sverdlov

Head of Strategic IT Development UBRiR

PUSH-notification's processing

Bank sends massege to the client Server processes the request Delivery status goes back to the server Client gets PUSH-notification In case of PUSH-notification's undelivery client gets SMS

Upgrade your mobile banking application

Detailed information about every transaction

Credit cards/banking account balances

Personal Finance Management System

IP calls to support channels of banks

Geofencing – location targeted advertisement



Representative Office in Switzerland

Opening of the first European division was an important step for the company TIM CONNECT on its way to promote safe remote service channels for European customers.

TIM CONNECT became a sponsor of the forum "The full banking automation"

At the exhibition "The full banking automation," TIM CONNECT presented their new products to the banks and shared its experience concerning the struggle with SMS fraud.

TIM-Connect in Kazakhstan

TIM CONNECT has organised a conference for representatives of Kazakh banks. During the meeting TIM-Connect presented such products as: mobile brand application / Personal Finance management system with a possibility of recieving banks PUSH-notifications, and Redy to sale MOBILE SDK’sfor already existing mobile bank applications. Communication with banks took place in a professional but friendly atmosphere. As a result we recieved several agreements with local clients to start pilots of our product and services.

Forum B + S in Kazan

Our company took part in leading banking forum «B + S Technological banking" in Kazan. During the forum, СEO of TIM CONNECT, Vladislav Korolyov, reported about the transition from expensive SMS-alerts to cheaper and more convenient for the customer PUSH-notifications. The possibility to implement innovations aroused the interest of many bankers. We are expecting that this interest will soon get into a testing stage of our products.